Steel Tariffs Or The Death Penalty For Drug Offences

Nik, why don’t people want America to be great? What’s wrong with being a top producer of Steel? The countries which consume the most of Steel are the EU, Japan, and Russia. North Korea also needs infrastructure which depends on Steel. The top 10 countries consuming steel use 60% of it… a few billion tons. The bottom countries only use about .004% This means tariffs decrease import and increase export. That makes U.S. able to compete with China.

Not sure why the media is hating on Trump for wanting to increase the nations GDP. Hundreds of countries need steel. Thus far the market is dominated by China and Canada, which are essentially the same country. Also, Trump should check his facts on China. The drug dealer death penalty paradox doesn’t add up. Hong Kong has the largest incident of drug offences in the World. Death penalty hasn’t worked. China also exports large quantities of drugs. To the Eu, Uk, and U.S. & Canada. So, their death penalty just makes it more appealing to sell to OTHER countries instead.

Donald should know better than to believe fake stats from a Communist regime. In the 1970’s Hong Kongwas capital of the World for drug offenses. Even back to 2002 around 200,000 people a year are arrested for being in possession of molly.
We don’t need to copy other countries. America was the creator of success, but for some reason we started to become followers… probably from the social media mentality.- nik
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