Stacie Valle — West Columbia, South Carolina

This dirty, nasty, woman slept with my husband and ruined my family! My husband met her because her mom lives up the street from us and we were all supposedly friends. This woman has a child with another man that she lives with and has cheated numerous times on the baby daddy in the past. So one night my husband pocket dialed me and he was taking to this woman and I heard the whole conversation. This was in January a week after I had knee surgery. So he came home that night and we talked about the horrible things I heard him say about me. I actually agreed to make changes and try to better our marriage. Come to find out – 5 months later- he’s been sleeping with this woman and cheating on me the whole time! Her baby daddy texted me while I was at work to call him to let me know what has been going on! My husband was seen numerous times by a neighbor of hers leaving her house in the morning! This was before he went to work, while my son and I were still sleeping! Hide your husbands ladies because this yucko does not have morals, values or give a crap if someone has a family!!

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