Spunky Squaw – Dallas, Texas

Jackie Bradbury — Los Angeles, CA

All of this makes sense now, pretty young white girls with no self esteem modeling part time for a racistly named clothing line called the Spunky Squaw run by Brooke Loren Adams who was posted here recently for having a DRD. I should have clued in sooner as Spunk is another word for cum and Squaw a disgusting racist slang for (Native) Vagina. This floozy ring runs mainly out of Stephenville and is more successful then the front business itself. You can literally message Brooke anytime of the day and she will accomodate your request sometime that day and has been known to duck out of school or her job at a real estate location for a 50 dollar blowie but be careful as she’s apparently contracted something. These girls are just as slooty and brain dead as they look. Spunky Squaw

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