Sociopathic Fugitive

Well, where should I even begin. Kyle Redman is a club promoter and wana be DJ who had to move to Las Vegas last minute from Scottsdale because he thought he could get away with hiring meth heads to break into his house and steal his car and other items so he could collect the insurance money. When that went sour he had to move to Vegas so he wouldn’t end up in jail. The guy is a walking STD and will tell a girl anything to get her into bed. His fetish is young freshman girls from college as he is 30 years old and still does spring break in Lake Havasu and Mexico for a month straight. He also likes to go to swinger parties and watch like the true creep he is. He is a sociopathic liar and has stolen money from the companies he has worked for in Arizona. You know you’ve failed in life when you don’t have a career at that age and your own two brothers even hate you and talk shit about you. Must be a sad life to still be doing the same job you were doing when you were in college #promoterforlife

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