Shawn Garland/Ponice Robinson — Huntington, West Virginia

I met Ponice Robinson, daughter of the preacher Bobby Robinson of Charleston, WV or Saint Albans in august. I thought everything was good until October she told me she was pregnant. I had my doubts because Ponice wasn’t trust worthy… you know how you get a bad vibe about someone… well yeah I always did with her. I’m not going to lie, I looked over it because she was cool to hangout with and I didn’t wanna miss out on a good person by having trust issues. Boy was I wrong I should of ran. Ponice had this guy friend named Shawn Garland typical light skin guy thinks he is Gods gift to all women thinks he can do as he pleases and snake guys behind there backs. He would call, he would text. and Ponice always responded. She even looked funny when he would call. All the signs were there yet I still overlooked it. October came around Ponice said she was pregnant, and as a man I said is there any other possibility of someone else being the father… of course like the typical deceiving woman she said no you were the only one. Shawn Garland has a girlfriend, won’t say her name because I actually feel sorry for her, she doesn’t deserve a guy like that in her life. Anyway for 9 months Ponice Robinson blew up my phone, sent pics of her ultrasound, videos of her ultrasound, she even went as far as to FaceTime me and say do you wanna see your daughter. Well since Sunday she got mad because I wrote Shawns girlfriend and told her about it… she blocked my number and her friend Jasmine Dickerson blocked my number… they all just seemed to disappear. The same people who said it was my baby and how I was a deadbeat and how bad a person I was for disowning the baby. I have no beef with Shawn that would make me want to fight him it’s just I have no respect for a man watching another man go through the hell you caused by getting her pregnant. She is no good for putting the baby on me, but you are less for watching her do it just so you could have both your girlfriend and mistress on the side. You both are cowards and children.

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