Shawn A. Wiley — Kansas City, Missouri

Shawn A. Wiley left his family homeless and took away everything they had to use other women. He is mentally unstable and has numerous addictions. He told me that he loved me and he would do anything to be with me, then I found out he is married and on top of that living with a woman in Kansas but pretending to live in Kansas City, Missouri. He then told me that he really just loved his wife and was using me and using the woman he is living with. So why is he playing other women with his lies? His poor wife and family. I’m sure they are so distraught by what he has done. What makes a man do this to people that love them? Only a very sick brain could make a man destroy their own family. He works out a lot but takes steroids. He is at planet fitness on Shawnee Mission pkwy in Kansas all the time where I met him. He is pretending to care for this other woman also. I hope she finds out soon to save herself. I wonder if she knows he is still married. Her name is Laura Ulreich in Kansas. If she knows he is married then she is a home wrecker also. People today have no integrity. Be warned and on guard with this guy!

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