Shawn A. Wiley — Kansas City, Kansas

I started seeing this thing several months ago behind Laura Ulreich’s back. She got what she deserves. She screwed around with a married man who is actually still married. After doing my research on him because he gave me the creeps and I picked up some really bad vibes with him, I found out about him being married still. I would never be with a married man so I dumped him. And I also informed his wife who filled me in on a few things.This entity is nowhere near a man. He has totally discarded his wife after many many years and everything they built together to be a cereal adulterer. He is highly, highly, over the top bipolar cluster B, OCD and many other disorders. He cannot control his behavior or his thinking and wreaks havoc on his wife to this day. He has left her homeless literally with absolutely nothing. She lost everything they accumulated including her animals also her loved ones and he has brainwashed his son into thinking that it is all her. He is shacking up with Laura Ulreich in Basehor Kansas. I saw him for several months and he told me that he loved me and that I will always be the only one for him and that he was going to leave this Laura Ulreich eventually and she doesn’t even know it. He is still playing her and using her for everything that she has. She deserves it for getting with him while he was still married. The evil woman doesn’t have a clue and for her to come in between a husband and a wife and a family is not normal. She is just as sick and mental as he is. I dumped his [email protected]# because he can’t be with just one woman. He could have an STD. Please be aware women of the evil within him and men… he will try and take your woman away from you. That is his “high” in life. I met him at a dealership where he now works in Kansas City, Kansas. He has had numerous different careers because he is mentally unstable and moves around like a vagrant. Take heed this one is very dangerous. Photo of the woman he is using now…

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