Shannon Patric — Charleston, South Carolina

Is worthless bitch is attracted to married men. She works as a bartender at the Wolf Track and has slept with several of the married patrons including my husband. She had the gall to tell me she “fell in love with him” over two weeks worth of text messages and and manipulating him one night when he was drunk and we had been arguing. She took full advantage of him and when she saw the door crack open she jumped on the chance. Both are worthless for doing this…don’t get me wrong. But I’m not, and didn’t, losing my marriage over a worthless skank ass whore. She’s been a pass around for motorcycle club..meets men at the bar or wherever and goes home with them that night…I can count at least 8 guys I know she’s slept with, at least two that were married, just in the last year since I’ve known her. She’s an uneducated 46 yr old bartender whore that will never have nothing..not even a man. She’s gotten her car repossed and gotten evicted out of her apartment since this happened in May…KARMA IS A BITCH, HUH YOU WORTHLESS WHORE????

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