Shannon Michaud — Bloomingdale, Michigan

If you see Shannon Michaud be very careful. She chews men up and spits them out. She is currently not working and living with another persons husband. Shannon will make you think you are the only one, she did me. I only recently found out that I wasn’t when I saw her and her boyfriend ( who is married) when I was out having dinner with my friends. It was her birthday and I wanted to take her out but she told me her daughter wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t go. She has multiple men in different cities, I had been talking to her for well over six months. I knew her past and things she had done, I believed every word she had told me. I really believed I could spend the rest of my life with this woman! I gave her money and paid for things to help her out. I would meet up with her for lunch and sometimes more. We would fool around in her truck sometimes as well and this was all during the time she had another boyfriend who was married living with her. So please be careful of this woman, she’s no good and takes men for what they can give her. She plays the victim when she isn’t she knows exactly what she is doing.

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