Shalon Baker – Texas

Shalon Louise Baker (alias: Shelly Baker, Shalon Helberg, Shay Baker) had been dating a male Service Member (SM) stationed in Ft. Hood, TX from August of 2012 to 22 March 2013. The SM was led to believe that the relationship was serious, as the two had discussed plans of her moving out of her sister’s house and getting an apartment together in the Ft. Hood/Killeen/Harker Heights/Temple, TX area as well as plans for her to follow the SM in the event his duty station changes.
The SM originally met Ms. Baker on a dating site ( in August of 2012, and assumed from the information in her profile that she was single. She told the SM about Shane Williams (her former fiancé), described Mr. Williams as a mentally and emotionally abusive individual, and that her relationship with Mr. Williams had been officially over for nearly a year. She still wanted to remain friends with Mr. Williams and stay in touch with his mother, Vickie Williams, which the SM understood.

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