Sean Ryan is Pretending to Be Multiple People And Faking Posts on Here – Daytona Beach, Florida

Every Daytona Beach post on here is made by a man named Sean Ryan who is currently pretending to be multiple people he hates. If you see this person (especially if you’re a woman) RUN. This person hates anyone in the LGBT community, has been seen dancing sexually on minors, has molested multiple females , and has tried to black mail and hurt several people. He’s keyed their cars, made fake profiles to harass people, has left multiple racist notes on people’s windshields , and has made multiple Craigslist adds pretending to be someone he’s mad at trying to make them look bad or to get them hurt. By the way he’s a racist and anti semetic. Please do not hire this man or even try to become his friend because he WILL try to fuck up your life even if you just look at him wrong.

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