Scott Runnells – Wyoming

Scott has a long history of cheating, verbal abuse and physical abuse. I know as I was with him for 5 years. I believed every word he said and every excuse he made. I finally had to look at myself and why I was allowing this narcissist back into my life all the time. He owes me $1000’s of dollars and destroyed a lot of my property. He sexually harassed women in 2 of his jobs. One, where he was a manager in Austin, TX and that was one of the reason’s he was terminated. Here in Cheyenne, WY he has been turned in twice where he works for sexual harassment and one of the women who accused him is one of my best friends. He admits to me that he was cheating on me with a married bartender her in Cheyenne. He’s a classy guy! He will cry to make you feel he is sensitive and manipulate you. He has not lived on his own for years and sponges off of family and women. If you meet him and he turns on the charm – RUN! If you have been with him sexually, go get an STD test. The last straw for me, besides sexually harassing my friend, was when I found out he had sex with my step-sister.

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