Savanah Lindsay — Provo, Utah

My name is Savanah Lindsay, I’ve been having an affair with a co-working at lindoncare for months now, knowing he has children and that he is married. Even after his wife found out and repeatedly asked me to stop, I wont leave him alone and keep leading him on knowing that this is nothing more that fun for me. I have told him that even if he left his wife and family for me that there is no future for us and we would only be together for a few months I keep stringing him along. I am 22 years old and he is 50 there is nothing we have in common, but so ugly that I can’t find anyone my own age to sleep with me, thats how disgusting I am. So, If you live in the Provo, UT watch out once I get back from China I could come after your husband.

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