Saun Butcher – Texas

So unbeknownst to most women fire fighters can’t wear wedding rings they melt. And I met a guy who is a plumber and a hard worker and you just thought it was this awesome guy and volunteer firefighter. When out with him ,had sex with him ask him many many times if he was married and he kept lying .so I did digging and my brother did digging . And yes he’s only been married to his wife for a year and a half and we have done things that only married people to do. So if you see this guy he lies to your face good he’s got the crooked smile and all the right words. Do not believe him he’s a liar he’s got a wife at home and then he’s got two children that I know of from two other women before this wife . He will say and do anything and beg you to lie for him . Don’t trust him everything out of his mouth is bloody lie. How can any of his fellow firefighters depend on him if he’s gonna lie to his wife and everyone in his family that’s not someone who’s going to have your back

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