Sarah Sherping, Sarah Brunet, Sarah Kulaglic HAS SEX AT WORK & Fakes Pregnancy for $

Was having sex AT work and INSIDE clients houses. She lost her job when she got found out!

Claimed several different times that different coworkers were getting her “pregnant” then would ask for $$$ for abortions.

She already has 3 kids with 3 different men so she should know how birth control works. Which means she was either lying about pregnancy for $$$ or actively trying to get pregnant with random co-workers. She was “married” at the time too and told everyone her husband was just a “roommate”.

When dudes cut her off for being crazy and faking pregnancies she starts stalking and blackmailing for $$$.

She’s a full on crazy. No wonder she doesn’t have custody of all her kids. Psychotic loser who forever plays cry baby victim.

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