Sarah M. Lynn — Castalia, Ohio

Meet Sarah M. Lynn. She’s a 34 year old desperate pathetic whore that lives in Castalia, Ohio, but has wrecked family’s in Huron, Sandusky, Milan, and also the State of the Georgia, possibly more. She doesn’t have a job. She tells everyone she’s going into medical care, but can’t pass any classes and fails out of school. She lives off money from the government, for being in the armed forces for a couple years, from her parents and from her ex husband’s child support. (He stayed living in Georgia, to keep away from her.) She has told numerous people that he pays out quite a bit in child support, but she’s going to get more. Guess why they’re not married anymore. Yep, she slept around and then told everyone that her husband was the one being unfaithful. Wonder if he ever took a paternity test? That could probably save him quite a bit of money. This whore, who pretends to be everyone’s friend, yet seems to brainwash men. Slutty Sarah prefers to talk to, text and sleep with other women’s husbands and her children’s coaches. And if she gets rejected, you better watch out, she will go after your children. She goes over to married men’s houses uninvited while her kids are in school or away from home. She also invites married men to her house for sex. Some of the wives of these married men have contacted her to have her stop sexting and sending nude pics to their husbands. She acts like a goody two shoes, amd always says she only does it because the husbands asked for it. She says that she’ll stop, but the texts and pics keep coming.

She also says if the wives could satisfy their husbands, she wouldn’t have to. Sounds like a home wrecking tramp. She then plays the woe is me game and cheating husbands end up buying her lunch and taking it over to her house where they’re always guaranteed sex. One of the husbands she was screwing on a regular basis is her dad’s friend. I’m sure her daddy doesn’t know about that…YET. Don’t forget, she’s always had a slew of different BFs on the side while this is all happening. We heard one of her BFs was engaged when she started “dating” him. This just shows that the word relationship means nothing to her and she has no respect for herself or others. She has bought multiple phones, used google phone numbers and also uses multiple email addresses to communicate with these husbands, so she or they don’t get caught. Many of the wives never say a word to her, but she will try to start an argument with them. There is a police report of when she tried to run over one of the wives that SHE confronted at their children’s school. Crazy and back stabbing cunt is how many people describe her. She obviously doesn’t care if she embarrasses her family by having her name in the police blotter. Then one the worst things she has done. Sarah took an interest in her friend’s husband. While the wife (her “friend”) was away working, this slut would go to their home to visit and make advances towards the husband.

Well, he didn’t fall for her. This pissed the skank off. Slutty Sarah then went to the 6th grade school where her child and their child attend and to make a long story short, she spent weeks talking to the school to try to get the child suspended. Now, no one wants anything to do with the slut’s kid. We kind of feel bad for the little guy. But how low can the whore go? To be an adult and go get a kid in trouble at school because his dad won’t sleep with you. WTF? Because no one in Castalia’s Margaretta schools wants her or her kids now, the hoe wanted to open enroll them to Huron or Milan (Edison) schools. And to get a leg up (or in her case, her legs open), we heard (from a reliable source) the whore met with some of the coaches and offered to do them some favors. We heard they rejected her offers, but if we hear different, we will update you. She a sick infested low life. She should get mother of the year for “working” so hard to help out her kid. Way to try to put out slut! We’re not sure if the coaches were married or not, but how nasty. We’re surprised that we haven’t heard of her doing any favors for her kids’ teacher yet. At Margaretta, we know she’s done some extracurricular activity with some of the school officials. Too bad she couldn’t find a house to rent in Huron or Milan, we would be glad to get rid of her here…or did daddy just decide not to pay for it? I guess the families of Huron and Milan are lucky she hasn’t been able to move there. Women beware. If this whore starts texting your man…you better watch out! She’s a HOMEWRECKER! Credits for this info goes to: 6 Scorned Wives, collected over the past 3 years.

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