Sara Chea – Alberta, Canada

Sara Chea is from Calgary, Alberta. She’s been known to cheat on all her ex boyfriends. She has a pretty face but with all that make up on… in reality she’s pretty ugly without it all. Not natural at all. She looks more of a boy with no make up on. She use to work at Marquee Beer Market & Stage. She doesn’t actually have friends because of her hoe ways. She deleted all of her social media because a hoe got to hide from public and got caught up with her hoe ways. When you first meet her, she’s nice and sweet, but in reality if she sees a man with money that she can finnesse to, she’ll stay interested. She likes to keep private because she don’t want to get caught again & again. 29 years of age and still worked at a bar as a bottle service girl. She would meet tons of guys through work and would secretly flirt with them and rumors had it, she even fuked some guys for money when she’s super drunk behind her boyfriends back. This is why a lot of her friends wives don’t want her to be friends around their husbands because everyone knows shes broke and need someone to bounce back on. She cant be trusted. She doesn’t know what to do with her life. She doesn’t go out because she has a reputation for herself. She had guys who treated her like a queen and still she finds a way to hoe it all out. Ain’t that sad?? 29 and want to act like shes 20 years old. So if you’re looking for a pretty face to fuk, she’s always secretly available and will take you on. Don’t trust a hoe with a pretty face. She’ll move from guy to guy behind the scenes.

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