Samantha Stodghill (Burd) Carlisle Pa

I knew of this girl in middle school, a lot of us guys this was our first finger fuck. Then I know in 9th grade she made the rounds but was now giving out blowjobs. I only got involved with her because about 3 years ago she started seeing my co-worker at Advanced Disposal. I warned him but he said they weren’t “exclusive” and that he had told her she could sleep with whoever she wanted as long as she asked permission. That seemed to work for a bit but after a couple months he said that she had been doing everything with everyone even giving one guy a blowjob in his truck on the lot. She asked if she could have sex with this one guy because she needed money and he would pay her $100 and my buddy said no, the guy was disgusting, like 60, really fat black guy, he looked homeless, they guy at work everyone was freaked out about and all the women avoided. Well apparently she did it anyway because he took pictures and showed everyone.
Anyway, this is her, and here are some… well, pictures she didn’t mind showing off to everyone else.

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