Samantha Blaylock – Arkansas

Samantha is vp of bank of little rock she is a liar and thief look at her reviews! I caught her sending my husband nude pics ! We have children ! Shes a drunk and a w**** I made my husband get tested and he came back positive with an std ..The only person he said he was with was Samantha ..I seen the vulgar pics shes very pretty with clothes on but naked she looks disgusting she had weight loss surgery 100# of loose nasty skin hanging everywhere ..I’m getting a divorce beacuse of her ..She knew he was married yet didnt care ibsen how she embezzled 70 thousand dollars from her disabled mother how can a thief and a liar and a drunk be in the bankinking industry the owners of the bank still employee her after stealing from her mother what she admitted and sleeping with customers ..she goes by samantha blaylock martindale or calvert fron the Bryant Benton little rock area

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