Salim Stoner – South Africa

so about a year or so ago i met this guy salim stoner ( his name on facebook ) . we were just friends at first caus i was with another guy who btw was also a c*** . narcissistic mentally abusive ect ect .then i broke up with that guy caus turns out he was lying about loving me still and he used me to get a dirty video and nudes in revenge for dumping him before . anyway so this guy , friend at that time when i told him about the break up asked me out about two days later . i said i wasnt sure , so we talked about it . eventually i said yes . it was going fine . till about five days ago . he stopped messaging me . so i posted on his timeline . he said his messenger was broken . so we continued talking on his timeline . but then he stopped replying there . so i tried to send him a message on messenger again and it said he blocked my messages . so i posted on his timeline asking why the f*** he do that . then suddenly my messages were unblocked . and my post from his timeline was gone . then it said hes on facebook . then said hes on messenger again . also he wouldnt tell his parents about me or his friends . said it was caus he didnt like the whole public thing felt like it ruined relationships … yeah .

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