Rhonda loves living with that pig I hear….
Guess she’s not up to finding a real man, but with his man boobs bigger than her’s one with think it would real strange on that cruise last july.
I love the pic of the ugly family, makes the Munsters Family look good…hahaha
Anyway why does that fat fuck wear a t-shirt under a short sleeve shirt in the middle of the Caribbean ocean ? I figure it was to soak up all that fat ass man sweat that hog has dripping off him, and just think of poor slut rhonda having to be under him while they were having sex as his fat ass belly was sliding on her all that stench sweet was dripping off him…..
Rhonda, I hear you lost your taste buds when you had that stroke last year, did you also lose your sense of smell as well as your mind too ?
Well that’s what they are all laughing about behind your back at Morrow County Hospital, home of the DWI DRUG impaired driving wing of that hospital.
Hasn’t Ohio Health seen your admitted guilt and fired your ass ( Use to be fat, but now gone like your tits )
Oh well, I hear you like being on top as he smacks your ass as you ride him, but the question is how do you find it to ride with that huge gut in the way… but I guess pigs have piglets so I guess you are finding a way baby !


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    MCH Nursing Staff

    Everyone here at Morrow County Hospital is laughing at her behind her back.
    The hospital has come out and protecting the little whore, but we all know what she is and with he moving out of her house in lexington to live with her new boyfriend doesn’t change the fact the little slut is still a slut.
    She changed her looks to try to make it so she doesn’t look like the pics online, but EVERYONE at MCH has seen them and her BJ video is the hit of most people here.
    She needs to go somewhere else to work as she is being a distraction to workers here and we are soooo tired of her playing the victim card here….
    Grow Up Rhonda and take the blame as its all on you SLUT !

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    I saw them on the same ship we were. They look so out of place together with him being white and fat and her so thin looking like she has cancer.
    I have read so much about her online since I saw this, and so many nude pictures and even a video of her giving some guy oral sex.
    I would think her two girls would be humiliated at school as you know everyone has seen them. Rhonda is such a terrible mother her kids doing something so bad.
    I can’t even believe her husband is even still with her, I can’t believe that all the guys at his work don’t snicker behind his back watching all this and wondering how bad up he must be to still be with her.
    Rhonda, you are one NASTY woman and I don’t think you realize that this will be on the internet forever !
    What were you thinking, the hell with you, but how about your kids, you have made the feel terrible and you should be ashamed of being a horrible mother, but I guess with your sleeping with so many guys and having 3 kids from 3 different guys, I guess why should anyone expect anything good about you.

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