Ryan Memmott – Utah

Ryan Memmott is a cheating, lying pervert. He has a girlfriend who he lives with and has been with for 2 yrs now, but claims to be single on dating sites and Facebook. When you ask him about her he lies and says he’s single. He may state something like his crazy obsessed ex has been calling his friends. When in fact the ex is actually his current girlfriend. How do I know this? Well because I was one of the girls he was talking to. He was shady about things and there were things that just didn’t add up. There were red flags that had gone up for me. So I did some research on him and found out through Facebook that he indeed has a girlfriend. I am not going to put her name on here but If you want to know who she is you will have to look at pictures because you wont find her in his friends. Here’s a helpful hint She is the cute blond next to him in the picture of him with 3 girls. I decided to check her out and found several pictures of the 2 of them over the past 2 yrs and her relationship status states that she is in a relationship with him. So I decided to contact her and asked if they were still together to be 100% certain. She was very nice to me and told me that they were still together. I told her about the things he said to me, how he wanted to meet up and hang out “just as friends” and that he was on a few other dating site. After I told her she thank me for letting her know.

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