Roland Hines, St. Louis, Missouri

I first learned about this coward after I had gone on a date with him. It started with threatening phone calls telling me to back the “F” off and escalated into him “keying” my vehicles and shooting out the back window with a pellet gun. He has placed nails at both entrances to the alley where cars are parked, and he put gel paint stripper on my new vehicle which required extensive refinishing. Roland Hines has stalked and spied on two of his ex girlfriends that I know of, causing extensive damage to theirs and their new boyfriends/spouses vehicles and homes. He was issued a PFA to stay out my street and which he routinely ignored. I also found Roland Hines in my back yard taking shots at my vehicle with a pellet gun in October 2018. Roland Hines is a coward, stalker who creeps around at night on foot and in rented vehicles. He is a liar, who preys on women who have broken off relationships with him. He is a mason by trade and owns his own business out of St. Louis, Missouri. It has not been easy to catch him as he frequently rents or borrows cars to do his stalking around in. I feel sorry for anyone who has been involved with this cold, calculated man and offer caution to anyone who runs across him in the future. It was my intention to upload a picture of this coward, but even the woman who dated him for 3 years did not have a single picture of the man.

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