Robert McPherson/Kayla Lader – Pompey, New York

Happy Halloween, I mean Thanksgiving to the skankyist couple on the planet right now, Robert McPherson of Pompey and Kayla Lader of Marcellus, New York.  Robert 32 is the biggest scum ever. You wouldn’t think a paramedic would create fake social media accounts to stalk and meet up with 14 year olds. Robert is one sick individual. Kayla on the other hand is not too much better. She has been fully aware and knows his tendencies but still doesn’t care. She is spineless. She is just being used. He doesn’t really care about here. She’s one of the dumbest bitches I’ve seen. If you know a guy is a serial cheater to think that he’s gonna change for you is just plain stupid. He’s not. The fact that he’s still going for as young of girl he can get without going illegal tells you right there he has no intentions of changing. I know some will say age doesn’t matter but different generations and 11 years age gap especially 20’s and 30’s doesn’t work out. He needs to get someone his own age and Kayla needs to snap back to reality and stop being such a dumb ignorant bitch. I will also point out that his friends and family know what he’s like and are not supportive in any way. You think Kayla would just take a hint.

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