Robert Haufler — Richmond, Virginia

I knew this psycho from meetings we attended. He had a good woman who grew tired of his lies and manipulations and distanced herself. I’ve seen all the texts and IMs and can 100% attest that it was never over between them. Not completely. She was in a tough spot when they first met but took actions for the two of them to have a future. This asshole promised her the world and turned out to be a cheating douchebag. Telling her he missed her and was ready to love her the way she deserved while banging who TF knows how many Tinder hoes. Early this year he chose to be intimate with my friend knowing good and well he’d been exposed to herpes. I watched this girl go from 125 lbs down to 94 in the last 5 months over that time, she has repeatedly said she wishes she could do this to him. But he abused her so much that she has PTSD and thinks she still loves him. So here I am, doing what she can’t. Knowingly exposing someone to STDs is sexual assault, no matter how you slice it. I guess you can’t expect much more from someone who was friends with that guy going around giving HIV to women, though. PSA: Robert is a sick, twisted, narcissistic cunt who should be avoided by ALL women. I have irrefutable proof to everything I am sharing. I’m going to marry this girl one day and I’ll be damned if I’ll let this fuckin guy get away without a little public humiliation.

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