Robbin Yvonne Joiner – Dallas, Texas

I would like to thank this b**** for having an affair with my husband when he worked at Quaker Oats because being with you made him appreciate having a good woman at home. You showed him all the traits in a woman he could never love and give his heart to. You showed him you had no problem having sex with a married man, you had no problem trying to convince my husband to come to the house you shared with the man you were living with, you had no problem introducing your daughter to your married lover, you had no problem bragging about having sex with a married man at your job at Quaker Oats. You had no problem moving on to f****** another man at Quaker after my husband left you alone. I really feel sorry for you because you have no self esteem. Out of all the single men at Quaker Oates you chose a married man to go after. I guess you were trying to make yourself feel special because you got a man that belonged to someone else to f*** you. Yes Robbin you were really special to him but did you meet his parents and family, did he confide his fears, hopes and dreams to you, did he ever cry with you or over you, did he take you out without fear of running into someone you f*****. What you did was open his eyes to the good woman he had at home, someone you could never compare to. You were just a bridge that helped us over some problems in our marriage, nothing more and I truly thank you for showing my husband the worst kind of woman out there. What you failed to understand is you didn’t have his heart even though he laid down with you and f***** you. If that were the case nothing in this world would’ve kept him from being with you. His heart was mine then and still is. You are truly pathetic. I know karma is a b**** and if you haven’t paid for what you did, its coming back eventually.

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