Riley Smallridge — Killeen, Texas

This is the Facebook message I sent to her parents…..they never saw it:

Hello, I am so sorry to bother you and I know you don’t know me. I have really been praying on how to handle this and what to do. Let me start off by saying I am in no way trying to degrade your daughter or speak ill of her. My name is Steffinni and I am very concerned for the wellbeing of my friends 3 children, and also your 18 year old daughter. My friend has contacted Riley multiple times asking her to stop contacting her husband as they are trying to save their marriage. Riley continues to reach out to Chris. A couple of days ago she found out that she was only 18, as she was told by her husband she was 21. This has extremely sickened me due to the thought that she is only one year older than their oldest child. Chris is 36 years old with 4 children total, 3 whom still live at home with him. The only thing left to do to try to prevent this from continuing is to reach out to you Riley’s parents and explain what has happened. As my friend is upset with Riley for continuing to contact her husband, she is still a child. Christopher is a 36 year old adult carrying on this relationship with a child. Riley has even went so far as to state she will file harassment charges on Yvonne because she has continually asked her to stop contacting Chris, she has deleted many of his accounts, and still Riley continues to contact him. As a parent myself I would be outraged, knowing my 18 year old daughter is sleeping with a 36 year old married man. There has been several pictures discovered and conversations between the two of them and if you wish I can send that to you, but I don’t want to forward inappropriate pictures to you a her parents. This relationship has went as far as to telling each other that they love each other. All I am asking for is to please speak to Riley and explain what a terrible situation it is to be in at such a young age and possibly convince her to stop pursuing him. She has not been the first person her has cheated on my friend with and he has been married twice before and cheated on them as well. I don’t want to see your daughter hurt as he has shown a pattern. Chris and Yvonne have their first marriage counseling session on Friday and if their marriage stands any chance at all this affair with Chris must stop. I thank you for taking the time to read this and would appreciate any help you could provide. Sitting back watching my dear friend’s marriage be torn apart, and children be tormented is hard, it is even worse when discovering the person is still a child herself. Again I don’t mean any disrespect to her or your family and I do apologize for contacting you but I have no idea of how else to help my friend. Thank you again for listening to me. —————- They met at the Tilted Kilt where she was a waitress. They exchanged numbers that night, exchanged naughty photos and she moved into his hotel while he was teaching at Fort Hood for 6 weeks. My friend busted them and she was to move out. She did for two days and then they picked it back up. He promised to work on his marriage but she continues to message him. My friend repeatedly asks for her to stop and she find another format to message him on. So now he’s back home but the affair continues. She has 3 kids 17, 13, and 2….. He adopted the two older ones and he has a 10 year old daughter. This girl graduated high school last year and he’s 18 years older. She wants a soldier for a husband, just check out her Pinterest. It’s horrible what she is doing and my friend is falling apart, crying all of the time, she looks like a zombie and is now on meds to keep her sanity. How this girl calls herself a Christian and is okay with what she is doing sickens me.

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