Renee Walker — New Castle, Pennsylvania

Renee is a manipulating whore of a pig who can’t seem to keep her legs closed. Not only has she wrecked two of her own marriages she seems to enjoy kicking her latest husband out only to have the man she is cheating with in the house that day!! She’s all about still using her first ex for free dinner and the second for whatever she can get , but apparently that’s not enough! She uses men from her church who are going threw divorces to do free landscaping at her house. She will use anyone!! Now she is using a co workers dad as her next victim…. knowing he’s married with 3 kids and even has the NEVER to friend his wife on Facebook and like photos of his family…. she even started going to their church just to be with him. Now as he’s on patrol for new castle police he does routine stops at her house and pops in whenever he wants withhos own key!! He goes to her work and EVERYONE KNOWS HES MARRIED !! They are both pigs ! I hope his wife finds out and takes him for everything…. find the new key on his key ring and pop over to Morrison st in new castle normally around 11 pm till late in the am. Good luck Bobby Boyd jr and RENEE pig hometown whore walker hope marriage number three works and I hope MRS. K. BOYD TAKES YOU FOR EVERYTHING.

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