Married liar and a cheater who lives in a studio in Waikiki. His wife since 2008 moved to Puerto Rico where he is from after he f****ed her best friend in Waikiki. He travels back and forth Honolulu – Puerto Rico to visit his wife. Also dates several women simultaneously in Honolulu, claims to be a bachelor and says he is a loner and that he will end up alone. SPREADS HERPES! Lies about most everything in his pathetic life, says he is from Spain but he is Puerto Rican 100%. Says he graduated college in San Diego, he is uneducated and can’t spell the most simple English words. Says he traveled the world, when he actually spent 30+ years in Waikiki chasing after women. Says he competed in water sports, climbed Mt. Everest, crossed the Atlantic… Says that he owns his own business, he works on the beach for Ocean Safety Honolulu. Talks about his current wife no. 3 as if she is his friend only, when he gets caught in the lie he says they remain married only so she can get a green card in the US and that he is emotionally unattached. Desperate for the attention of other women tha his wife, always on Tinder on his iPhone, hikes up Kuliouou Ridge trail every weekend with a different Tinder date. Has no class or integrity, will say and do whatever to get laid.

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