Rachel Patrick McMorris — Billings, Montana

This woman is a homewrecker! Long story short, once she found out the man she was dating was married, she went to the house where the wife was and gave her a speech about how she would NEVER knowing sleep with a married man or break up a family. Within minutes of her leaving the families house of the man, she went and picked him up and then moved him in her home. She preached all kinds of Godly things to the wife. She even promised the wife she would stop speaking to the man because she was hurt that she was lied too. After all that, she went against her word and did the very opposite of what she said. The wife of the cheating man reached out to one of her Ex Husbands and it turns out she cheated on him with his ‘best friend’. Rachel is a horrible disgusting woman who tried to break up a family. Then tried to befriend the mans mother, who wanted nothing to do with her. The world deserves to know who this woman is. She has no morals! She recently remarried AGAIN In 2016. She’s from Billings Montana but spent some time in Arizona. If any man spots this woman, Run! She is not who she makes herself out to be. The man she was dating lived with his wife and kids. It was very obvious she was married. He could never have sleep over and he could never go out of town with her. Even if he lied and said he was divorced, she should have known he was lying. A man who is just living with his ‘ex wife’ for convenience reasons, but had a curfew and needs to clean up before he comes home, is probably a huge sign that he is married. She just a homewrecker with no care in the world about the damage she causes families!

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