Rachel — Manila, Philippines

Rachel is a real gold digger mistress of my husband. I took care of her, gave her job when she was looking for one, but she stole my husband under my nose while working at my business. She knows about me and my husband being married because she was the girlfriend of his then boyfriend who is a friend of my family that asked me to give her a job as she was a struggling woman supported financially by the boyfriend. And yes, she has the nerve to steal any man even the one married to a guy who puts food on her table. She knows I am sick with cancer, but she would steal my husband away just satisfy her needs to be fed and get control of him…She thinks she can use her beauty to get what she likes… Typical struggling beauty starle who will use it to better off their life and get men who can support them. The worst part, she really has the audacity to tell me in my face…in my house that she is having an affair with my husband and that they plan to be together… The nerve of a stupid mistress… I don’t even need an evidence of the affair because she keeps coming to my house to get my husband.. Careful people.. A dangerous, seemingly sweet mistress

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