Rachel Keefer — Scranton, Pennsylvania

This girl is the real definition of a homewrecker!!! She likes to traps men with babies… She is a horrible mother and she doesn’t care about her kids… always sending them to be taken care of by every one else. Her first kid didn’t even know she was his mother. Dead beat baby momma is what this woman is. The first man she tried to trap by getting pregnant only blew up in her face because now that baby doesn’t have a father. The second one she trapped was because she was THIRSTY for the man and the lifestyle he was living happily. So badly wanted a relationship but no wanted her. She got pregnant ON PURPOSE to ruin his life. Now he’s stuck with her for life because of that spawn of a child. Rachel is a crazy b*tch who will not let anyone be happy because she is so miserable. She goes after men and gets pregnant to make there lives a living hell.

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