Rabia Myers – Lake Charles, Louisiana

I used to have sex with Rabia Myers on the side and she used the same old sob story on me when we first met. She told me how she got pregnant at 16 to Bubba Myers and now she is married with 3 kids and his step kid who is apparently crazy as fuck and always getting arrested and how Bubba is a terrible husband always drunk and always cheating on her.

That’s how she justifies her cheating on him to me. I really didn’t give a shit about her drama just wanted some side action and she was willing and able to give it any time any place.

Rabia Myers didn’t get me for any cash either because I’m local. I am pretty sure she only uses the outta towners for cash because she’s knows better than to try and play that game with anyone from around here. Rabia Myers is a huge liar and a definite cheater always up to something shady.

I know I wasn’t the only one she was seeing on the side at the time so I broke it off after a couple months because the bastard was just getting way too deep. Most fucking up thing about her though is that her youngest daughter isn’t even Bubba Myers yet she still let’s him believe it.

Rabia Myers told me that she got knocked by another guy named Boudreaux and that Bubba thinks his third daughter is really his. Now that is is straight up shady. For $99 and trip to Walgreens he could get a DNA test and know the truth.

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