Predator At Hand! Donald Smith

Well we could go into all the people Donald Smith has ripped off, or maybe how he failed to string up in a Halifax jail cell then cried to the media about cruel and unusual punishment because they took his clothes so he wouldn’t try again, or maybe all the “cop watch” he tries to do but quotes the constitution not the charter, but instead today we’ll focus on his helium voice and how he is a predator who is 37 and likes to fuck 18 year olds. Nope, it’s not illegal but if he likes 18 year olds maybe he’ll mistake someone whos 16 for someone who’s 18, after all his judgment is SEVERELY lacking. It’s because all of us 30+ year olds are on to his welfare bum and thieving predator ways.

To future employers, you should check his criminal record, this scumbag likes to get arrested and pretend to know his law but in fact he’s VERY mentally unstable. He likes to jump around from city to city playing copblocker and left-wing protester, all across Canada he’s made enemies and a Dirty is LONG overdue for this predator, now the world has The Dirty on this piece of trash predatory chipmunk! So Canada, watch out! You’ll know him by his helium voice and crosseyed creep-glare, the images are pretty good ones to go by, naked or not.
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