Plastic Spastic Ellie Lorentzia

So this girl posts bikini pics all over social media. This girl is in Scottsdale but allot of pics are of her down in Mexico and at resorts so I’m thinking this girl might be P4P. Her name is Ellie Lorentzia. She says she doesn’t have a job but somehow can afford to take expensive vacations and go to expensive spas, hotels and resorts. Her “boyfriend” is some unimpressive looking early 20’s black kid with dreads. If the money isn’t coming from him where and how does she get it? People ask her and she always says her boyfriend is a “gentleman” yet this kid looks like he spends all his money on weed. Somethings really fishy with this situation. Plus look at her face. You can tell she has had plastic surgery. Must be great to be a 20 something women and not have to work and have everything paid for huh?

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