Peter Natoli — St. Augustine Beach, Florida

While it takes two to tango, it takes a sick and perverted mind to talk badly about a spouse who is abroad. Peter Natoli did everything to destroy our marriage, he even beat two teeth out of my wife while I was in Europe. Later he blackmailed her so that she would not speak to the police. This person has no inhibitions, he is a 65 years old criminal who thinks he is 17 years old. Do not ride on his boat “Hurricane Lady” as he has a huge drinking problem.


  1. Jack and Jill

    A terrible man. He used to live in our neighborhood when he was married to his wife. She was so hard-working and he was just cheating on her with craigslist hookers and being stupid enough not to delete his emails. He is dumb as a brick and self-confident as a lion. We are so happy that his wife kicked him out of the house and we are sad that he destroys now someone else’s life.

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