His real legal names are OSMAR AGUIRRE or OFMAR AGUIRRE. DOB 01/29/1990. Goes by OMAR AGUIRRE. FB profile name is OMAR PONCE. Has a criminal background and is currently in violation of his probation in LA COUNTY. Stole and totaled a car from his ex baby mom, MARIA VIRGINIA BUSTOS. Hooked up with her and had a kid when she was only 16 years of age and he was an adult. He’s known as MUERTO from VNE Estrada Courts, VARRIO NUEVO CTS GANG. He ran to Sonora Mexico after fleeing the authorities in Los Angeles and is currently living in Portland Oregon. Frequents jiu jitsu gyms such as Industrial Strength BJJ Gym & Impact BJJ. Total fake! Lies about having a son and mooches off of his family and friends but once you cut him off, you’re cut off. Pursues other females via Facebook when he’s in a serious relationship. Borrowed $1k from his cousin and hasn’t paid her for years. Watch out, he’s a scammer and a mooch.

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