A Law Society Tribunal has once again approved a convicted and jailed pedophile to practice law in Ontario. Not only that, the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) supported the pedophile’s application during the tribunal hearing, agreeing that he meets the ‘good character’ standard for licensing. 
With this latest in a series of similar approvals, it is apparent that the licensing of pedophiles and other convicted criminals as lawyers is, effectively, LSUC policy. Has the law society turned down any pedophile yet? I haven’t been able to find such a case in the archives.

Lawyer had child-sex videos showing 5-year-olds

This time the pedophile applicant was Canadian-born Ronald Ori Davidovic – who was a Florida lawyer in 2004 when he was arrested and convicted for possessing and viewing thousands of child-sex videos and photos where the victims were as young as five years old.

That’s right – Davidovic is excited by five-year-old children. For years while he was a Florida lawyer, he collected child sex videos showing pre-pubescent children being abused in sexual acts.

Sentenced to five years in prison, and released after three, Davidovic is permanently registered as a sex offender the United States, but now wants to practice law in Ontario.

The Law Society of Upper Canada just declared convicted pedophile Ronald Davidovic to be ‘of good character’ and gave him the approval and support he needs to be licensed – this despite a medical diagnosis that his risk of re-offending is as high as 8.4%. The phrase ‘compulsive magnetic attraction to child pornography’ appears in Davidovic’s medical record.

Will the law society pay damages when a known compulsive pedophile attacks a child while serving in his capacity as a lawyer? It happened before when the law society licensed known pedophile John David Coon, who again attacked a child while performing his duties as a lawyer.

Not having learned its lesson, the Law Society continues to license other pedophile lawyers (see Martin Schultz) with little regard for the public safety or the reputation of the legal profession.

This time, Chair Raj Anand and member Jan Richardson crafted the tribunal’s decision. LSUC prosecutor Amanda Worley also supported the applicant Davidovic.

The one dissenting voice against the pro-pedophile lobby was Tribunal member and criminal defense lawyer Paul M. Cooper.

The backgrounds of the individual tribunal members make for an interesting study.    

Tribunal Chair Raj Anand’s work centers around the human rights of minorities as well as youths, the mentally ill, drug addicts and other persons living on the edges of society. Jan Richardson has made a career of working with the homeless.

Could it be that Anand’s and Richardson’s natural inclination to view people as victims has clouded their judgment and caused them to ignore their duty to protect the public and the reputation of Ontario lawyers?

Odd man out Paul M. Cooper is a criminal lawyer who, like all criminal lawyers, probably has a healthy dose of reality when it comes to sorting the wolves from the sheep.

Mr. Cooper’s dissenting position is supported by law and common sense, but he was outnumbered by those who put children and families at risk to promote their social agendas and personal beliefs that everyone is good at heart and can be redeemed.

There’s nothing new here, really. As the Toronto Star’s ‘Broken Trust’ series revealed, the Law Society of Upper Canada has covered up and whitewashed hundreds of cases where lawyers committed criminal acts against their clients.

The law society’s ‘good character’ licensing standard includes thieves, pedophiles and fraudsters. That is the way it is because the legal profession in Ontario lacks independent civilian oversight, transparency or outside accountability – and continues to ignore the profession’s duty to the public trust.

It is time to bring Ontario’s legal profession into compliance with modern standards of independent oversight and external accountability.

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