Olivia Jones – Vancouver

Nik, Olivia Jones (Olivia Orgy) is a used up groupie that is desperate to be famous. For years she has been chasing the Gregs of record producers, agents, musicians, athletes, actors and anyone in between. If you’re remotely famous or have connections she thinks she can take advantage of, she will gangbang her way into trying to get you to get her swollen fat feet thru the door. But trust me, you don’t really even have to be famous to get her to take a Greg or 12 in every beat up hole.All you have to do is brag that you know people in the music industry or Hollywood producers and promise to get her a movie role or start her singing career or even just offer her a small sum of money and she’ll be dumb enough to be the star of the sausage party. I’ve seen Olivia get duped into doing weird stuff by large groups of old men, only to be sent home waiting for a phone call from a so-called record executive that never existed. What a dumb sucker. Hopefully she has learned from her past floozy actions and cleaned up her life. Olivia, also somehow thinks in her delusional mind that she can make it as a model but we all know shes better off having her droopy face and enormous nose hidden away as a radio host working for 103.5 QMFM. Olivia, stop bitching about your boss and stealing from work and just come to terms that you are not going to get a better job than the one you already have.

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