Olga Lucia Murcia Pinzon

I should have seen this.

Husband introduces his wife as his friend; then his ex-girlfriend; finally I find out it is his wife. He swiftly lies that the marriage was fake for business. He said he was financially compensated by his wifes father for immigration fraud, for his wife to gain citizenship. A father scammed by his own child and son-in-law.
This mans wife got pregnant while she was involved with her husband and a ‘wealthy married businessman’ in Colombia. There is a child involved and Devins view of paternity is that the childs father is the person his wife loves. 
This man lived at my place so he could conveniently met his early tutoring appointments. I had to pay extra to my landlord and although I told him to not go to my place in my absence, he did not honor this request and I lost that place because of him frequenting my place. When it came to a point when I needed to be close to my job, despite his knowledge of my situation he said he cannot help me because he doesn’t have time and most importantly because he has to store his wifes ‘things’ at his place. When I got to his apartment, he lifted up his wifes thong from their hamper with his index finger while looking at me and smiling. It would turn out they are sharing the studio apartment.

What I am going to say next are things I have heard but never experienced until I met this man. This man and his wife pay regular visits to priests that practice Latin magic. This man said his wife is a priestess; which means she performs initiation rituals. I have been stopped by three complete strangers who have informed me about his wifes spiritual actions. These strangers said they had to bring it to my attention because they do not see this often. This is all evil.
I can only use one word ‘evil’ to describe this couple. This man has Followed his wife everywhere. He is where he is because his wife wants him there. Know that he abandoned his job and moved to DC for his wife; to do her school work. Women flee; Black women-you are his target because he considers you emotionless and of less worth than non-living things. The details are too much to list on here. When it comes to a life and death situation, don’t be surprised; I have first hand experience. Don’t be deceived by his tears, even if he licks your feet. That is what he does when he is unleashed by his wife. All that will come to a halt as soon as his wife steps in. All there is here for you are insults, abuse (verbally, emotionally , and physically), your life will be shared with people you do not know of their existence without your permission. You will be abused but not only this man but by his wife. Like he says ‘I let my wife do what she wants.’ You will be communicating with his wife pretending to be him. Know that this man will leave you whenever, with or without your knowledge to be with his wife. This man called the police on me the one time he admitted he was married. The police asked him why he called them when he had planned everything like he is the victim. In front of this man, the police said this man will not leave his wife. 
This man says he misses his wife and he is his wifes guardian angel. His street name is linked to his wife, He will park or go places just because it is linked to his wife. He is a sociopath, psychopath. Yes, there are demons living among men.

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