Noel Paul Heath – South Africa

Beware, he is a con artist, a thief and a liar. Was the most charming guy, exactly perfect for me (he will put up this front, and become your ideal partner, everything you ever wanted or needed – it was meant to be!!!). Convinced me I was the one and only, and he had never been sooooooo happy in his whole entire life. He will love EVERYTHING about you, and will understand the pain / heartache / loneliness / loss / troubles you have, and will “support” you 100% in all of this! He is dotting, and does so much for you, you must just relax. He is around you the whole time, and attending to your every whim. Showers you with flowers, buys you (cheap) jewellery all the time, and is so madly in love with you, he wants to marry you immediately (careful when you are at a low in your life…all this sounds like a fairytale…)

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