Nathaniel Elliott Hill – North Carolina

This concerns Nate who is a corrupt liar and made my niece homeless. The original posts(not written by me) blaming Barry for causing her homelessness and colluding with Nate are false. The negative posts were made by my kids, stepkids and ex wife. When my niece said she & her son were going to be homeless because Nate was evicting her(later found out he was just playing landlord) I gave her one of my RV’s that was later totaled by the insurance company following an accident. My stepdaughter and her new husband were supposed to get that RV and were enraged over the accident. They believed they were entitled to it. Their complaining stirred my ex wife into getting involved. To be fair, I promised the RV to my stepdaughter as a wedding present & hated reneging but when Nate told my niece to vacate the residence I couldn’t let her sleep in her subcompact. My stepdaughter has an apartment. In anger my stepdaughter & ex wife posted some very scathing posts on Barry which aren’t true. Some of the things Barry told my niece when they lived together are true but he wasn’t involved in the RV scam, he wasn’t the one blackmailing Nate nor did he want my niece out because he had a GF. To my knowledge he had no GF. He isn’t involved in the lies & gossip. My ex wife thought the posts would trigger him to sue my niece but he had other far more pressing concerns to deal with. I’ve also discovered others in the church that were involved in making my niece homeless. As a leader/pastor Nate had a responsibility to shut it down. Instead he played fraudulent landlord and attempted to evict her from a house he doesn’t own & never did. This was the second time. The first time he simply told her to vacate the residence because the church didn’t approve of people living together outside of marriage & people were gossiping about it. For some reason he thought it was his God given right to decide who does/doesn’t have a place to live. I’ll never know why he targeted her. I doubt she was his first/only victim. I do believe Nate held Barry’s criminal past over his head to make him compliant. Barry was also a victim getting blamed because Nate wasn’t man enough to tell the Sr pastor & the church the truth about his involvement. He knew who my niece was because he talked to her on more than one occasion over the phone & through email. But telling the truth meant also letting everyone know just how involved he was. So he pretended he knew nothing about it & blamed Barry for everything & acted like a gullible, senseless idiot. Nate lied to my niece, Barry, the Sr pastor, the church, everyone. Why my ex wife & stepdaughter posted about Barry rather than the real perpetrator I don’t know. That person is RD Miles. He’s also the one that’s claimed blackmailing Nate along with a lot of other stuff. True? False? I can’t say. The RV owner Troy is the one who sold & lied about his RV. Nate hid behind righteousness as the reason for making my niece homeless. He’s just greedy & thought he could overthrow the Sr pastor if he could get enough people on his side. He’s a snake in the grass waiting for the right moment to strike. He wants the Sr pastor position & will do anything he can to get it. He’ll lie, cheat, steal & has coveted the SR job for a long time. He’s a corrupt pastor hiding behind christianity. If he’s a preacher the woods are full. This is about Nate Hill Fletcher NC aka Nathaniel Elliott Hill-Asheville NC, Upward Christian Fellowship Flat Rock NC, RD Miles, the churches telephone gossip ministry & others who have no business calling themselves christians.

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