“Natasha” — Portland, Maine

Convinces people she’s so sweet and innocent, all while she’s been dragging her nasty body all over Melissa Edwards husband, James for the past 6 months. Melissa has been home with James’ kids taking care of them and making him dinner every night late hours while he’s “working late” James decided he wanted a divorce out of nowhere a few months ago, but continued living an otherwise normal life with his wife. Intimate dates… all of it. He’s been living a double life. This girl, knowing James “is and still is married” knowingly had an affair with him for 6 months. She is trash, she lacks morals. I question what kind of parents raised such GARBAGE! Well Natasha, Enjoy our prize! You win!! And thank you… I hope you enjoy that he doesn’t brush his teeth lol, he showers like once a week and wears he same underwear for like 5 days in a row, he’s a narcissist and a control freak. Hope you’re ready for all that. Pays no attention to his kids and you pretty much have to peel him away from the video games. Although you may like that because from what I hear you don’t even like children. You are in for a fun ride, but thank you because my friend Melissa can now get off that ride that everybody who loves her has been begging her to do for 2 years now. Enjoy baby girl. ? You’ll get the man you deserve, and she will get the man that she deserves .

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