Natasha Lynn Hudson — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

When I found out my newlywed husband was having an affair I was shocked, hurt, embarrassed, angry. All the emotions came flooded in. And the way I found out was not easy pill. I picked up phone and it was “her”, Natasha. She began to tell me how my husband was providing for her, paid for her abortion, sleeps over at her house, plays sports with her kids. She was vicious, this female even went on to say how she was pregnant again and ” they are keeping the child, cause an abortion is too much stress” came to find out she was not pregnant. I have so many late night messages from her and pictures she sent teasing saying ” not because you had a wedding mean you have a husband.” Mind you she is 36, with a 23 year old daughter and a 14 year old son. The nerve of this woman. Why keep being vicious, you already have the man. And husband is no better both are scums of the earth.

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