Natalie Daigle — New Brunswick, Canada

After three years and police intervention she still hasn’t stopped trying to wreck my life and my marriage. I think I’ll tell the real story and post on every site she has publicly slandered me since the unfortunate incident with her and her loser ex husband. I worked with Natalie’s husband. Dion. He was a co worker and “friend” of mine or so I thought. He had told me he had a troubled marriage. He said it started when his wife Natalie and he began attending parties where they would have sex with other couples. They’re marriage began to go down hill. Then he Cheated on her with a girl from Grand Prairie. She found out and forgave him but he said he couldn’t stand her and was waiting to divorce her he was concerned though that she could not support herself or their two boys. He started dated a 19 year old waitress. One day he asked me if he could use my phone at work. He said his was broken and he wanted to call his kids. I gave him my phone and he returned it to me after coffee break. My husband and I shared an Apple ID and had a shared phone plan. My husband questioned me about unusual activity with my phone and I thought nothing about it. Later on during the job ppl came to me telling me that Dion was bragging about photos he had of me. I didn’t really believe it and I asked him about it. He said he had no idea what they were talking about. The job came to and end and he went back home. New Year’s Eve I sent a happy New Years txt and sent a funny face picture to all my phone contacts. The next morning I woke to piles of txt msg and naked pictures of myself. Natalie Daigle was texting me from her husbands phone attacking threatening and accusing me. She said he had these pictures on his phone. I quickly put two and two together and things fell into place. All of the pictures were from an album I made for my husband as we both work on the road. When Dion borrowed my phone he sent himself all of my pictures that were for my husband. All pictures that my husband already had. That was why my husband had questioned me on the day Dion borrowed my phone about a very large number of photos being sent. This would be an extremely stupid thing for me to do because 1 I’m happily married and dedicated to my husband and 2 we shared an Apple ID and phone plan… I guess when Dion was humiliated because he is a creep pervert who stalks women he decided to tell his wife it was an affair because she seemed to be ok with them having an open relationship. So she began harassing me texting me day and night. Threatening me. She put up fake facebook accounts as me adding my family husbands family and friends and trying to tell them her story and wreck my life. She contacted my husband and tried to ruin my marriage. Luckily my husband is pretty smart and figured her out for all her lies and manipulation. She then started putting up websites about me trying to ruin me further. The police had to be involved they told her if she didn’t stop bothering my family and myself she would be charged with criminal harassment. So things got quiet for a bit. But then she started again. Again the police had to be involved. She contacted my sister In law and tried to convince her that I was a slut in her words. She lied to the police and said it wasn’t her. Very stupid Natalie Daigle. In a criminal investigation they do track ip addresses. So then again it stopped for a bit. The this morning I saw that once again she was back at it. Even though her husband and her divorced instead of concentrating on being a good mother to her little boys and being mad at her ex that he was such a creep and a pervert she just couldn’t get over her sick obsession with me. It’s really sad that this woman would go to the lengths she has all for naught. So after putting up this post I’ve gathered all of the evidence. The txt, the websites the social media she has stalked my husband and I on etc etc to go for a nice little visit with my lawyer and deal with this sick and unstable old woman for good. It’s too bad she’s focused on her “revenge?” All about that, and not on her children and her job. A job that I’m sure would likely not have her working for them if they knew she was being charged criminally. The funniest part is. She was the one having sex with other ppl with her husband. She is the one who forgave her husband for cheating on her. Turning a blind eye to the 19 year old he was with…. and. Came after me. Someone who was a friend of his someone who had privacy and photos stolen someone who had trust broken. She tried to ruin my marriage. She can’t. She tried to ruin my career. She can’t. She tried to ruin my friendships. She can’t. Because my husband family friends and co workers love me. And won’t be pulled into her sick and pathetic obsession. News flash Natalie. Ip addresses are traceable and whether you believe it or not you are accountable to the justice system. Have a nice time explaining this site to your children when they are old enough to see what you really are…. you tried to do it to me. I guess now you’ll see how it feels.

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