Nadia Godoi Grummer – Oklahoma

Nadia Godoi Grummer had sex with my husband too! OMG…I saw a post on May 31st from another wife affected by Nadia’s sexual pursuits. My husband (soon to be ex-husband) had an affair with Nadia not too long ago. I think Nadia was still married to her husband at the time (I think his name is Jonathan). I have a 3-year old son and a 1-year old daughter. Life as we know it is forever changed. She told a mutual friend that she didn’t think his needs were being satisfied at home that’s why she thought she could ‘please’ him. Seriously? She does not know anything about our relationship. Doesn’t she know that men will lie just to get sex. Perhaps my husband did tell her we weren’t having enough sex. Not true! How dare she invade our marriage! Doesn’t Nadia know that you NEVER sleep with another woman’s husband – NEVER! Only the 2 people in the marriage know what’s truly going on. My husband and Nadia are both to blame, but people need to know that she’s dishonest, disrespectful, lacking a conscience, immoral, and unscrupulous. She’s probably laughing and moving onto her next victim. There have been at lease 6 affairs in the past 2 years that we know about. She is from Brazil and I guess she thinks American freedom is sexual freedom. It is a privilege to be in this country. Go back home! Please Nadia…take responsibility and have some self respect!

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