Nadia Bernedene Rose Ramsammy — Brownsville, New York

So since nadia and nicole wanna talk dhut and claim play dumb still. I will conyinue to air dirty laundry. I know the truth. You are a piece of homewrecking Jamaican trash. I hope you paying randy a lot for marrying your sorry ads. How’s the immigration American citizenship thing going? Are you still reading men out of money. I wonder if you’ll stay married like the happy Obama’s and have a nice family. Nope cause you in a fraud marriage for USA citizenship. You are a liar. I found out about your trash ads a whole month after you married Randy Lionel ramsammy the child rapist for USA citizenship. Up in his texts begging for money. Talking about come upstairs and hang out. Shut up you morbidly obese dumbsss, that’s why you have the health problems of an 80 year old women. You better stay with the birth control, like who is dumb enough to have a baby with a rapist. Oh I forgot it’s a sham marriage. That’s why you was playing with you know who while married to randy. Your marriage will never work just like your mom failed. You will fail harder because you are a fraud loser. Keep lying and I’ll show the text messages you sent him.

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