Nad Nadia Bernedene Rose Ramsammy — Brooklyn, New York

So stupid Nadia gold digger dated my ex for a year. Took all our money, ran up her life on the Bank of America Card, Macys card, put a freaking down payment on a car she can’t even afford to make monthly payments on. Tried to get him to pay her rent, poor Mr. Louis said she is behind thousands of dollars. He was giving her $60 a month for storage of his speaker and such, to put in her uncle “supers” unit. Super never got he money, she was scamming her uncle and my ex, always trying to steal a dollar. Her own uncle “super” said the whole family is bad minded. That’s why her father left Maglyn for a you know how Kanye put it. Well, moving on she was scamming my ex the whole time they dated playing the broke victim card. My ex in long island left me, and borrowed all this money from me, and was a scam artist begging for money from then on. She is Jamacian born, a citizen of Canada, and came here for school and is supposedly working as a nurse her on a work visa. May 19, 2015 she married a convicted sex offender Randy Lionel Ramsammy to get USA citizenship. On June 20 I found text from her begging for $500.00 for a car. I made him call her, and he told me she was married for citizenship. She denied it, and continued to pursue him and run up the credit card, and harass us. She thinks she can just come over here and wreak havoc on an American citizen, and get away with it. No not on my watch. She has hell to pay.

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