Myra Longoria — McAllen, Texas

If this girl is “friends” with your boyfriend or husband, she’s probably already slept with them. She’s cheated with every guy she’s ever been with. She can’t hold a job so she sleeps with guys to get money. She uses and manipulates girls who she pretends to be friends with just to get them to do favors for her like babysit, cook, and even dye her hair. Once her friends realize they’re being used she dumps them and looks for new suckers. The worst of all of this, is she plays the victim the entire time. She is a well know pay for play in Vegas, cali, and the Rgv. I heard She is now pregnant again and with a new guy. This is a warning to all those who come in contact with her. Be careful, and trust your instincts. If you feel like something is going on, it is.

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