Monique Carrero — Meriden, Connecticut

Monique Carrero my ex-husband’s best friends sister. She knew that my husband (at the time) and I were having difficulties in our marriage and jumped right in and told him that she wanted to have sex with him, not caring that we were married and have two children together. When I read the text messages where she was telling him that she wanted to be with him I confronted her about it and I told her that I am in love with my husband and I want to work on our marriage. She didn’t care and she proceeded to pursue my husband. She told my husband that she was on birth control when she really wasn’t. She had sex with him and got pregnant. This all took place while he was still married to me. At one point last year my ex & I got back together. She came to my house to stalk him. When I approached her she told me that she needed him around because he is the only person she has to watch her daughter from a previous relationship and their baby. Bottom line is Monique Carrero doesn’t care about anyone but herself…

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